Frequently Asked Questions

Use the guidelines below to select the appropriate condition for your item:

New With Tag: The item has never been used, washed or worn and the tag is still present.

New Without Tag: The item has never been or used, washed or worn but the tag has been removed.

Excellent Used Condition: The item has been used, worn or washed a couple of times but displays no flaws or signs of use.

Very Good Used Condition: The item has been used, washed or worn and displays some signs of use.

Good Used Condition: The item has been used, washed or worn many times and shows several flaws or signs of use.

Play Condition: The item is still usable but may have several flaws, stains, tears or holes from washing, wearing or using.

We recommend incorporating the shipping cost into the listing price. If you aren’t sure how much to charge for shipping, Mini Fashion Monsters recommends using the Estimate Shipping Cost option, which can be accessed through our website.

Alternatively, sellers are advised to take the item along to the Post Office, where it can be weighed and measured.

Mini Fashion Monsters accepts the following methods of payment: PayPal. Where you can use American Express, Mastercard and visa.


Once the buyer has paid for their order, you’ll have money pending in your account, which will be released to you when you shipment has been received. Once this happens your funds’ status will change from Pending to Redeemable. You can then withdraw the funds, which will be paid into your PayPal account, without any fees being taken by PayPal.

No, Mini Fashion Monsters does not charge any fees to list an item for sale.

Mini Fashion Monsters takes a marketplace fee of 10% when your listing sells. That means that if you sell an item for £10, Mini Fashion Monsters takes a fee of £1.00 and you receive the remaining balance of £9.00. The team behind Mini Fashion Monsters is committed to keeping fees low. The percentage fees we charge contribute directly to making the platform as functional and rewarding for users as possible.

At Mini Fashion Monsters, we have confidence that our buyers and sellers will be proactive and honest in their marketplace transactions. To avoid potential problems with returns and refunds, we encourage sellers to be as descriptive as possible in their listings. Likewise, we ask that buyers thoroughly review the item descriptions, images and condition before making a purchase. While we will step in to resolve any disputes when necessary, this initial commitment from buyers and sellers helps limit such instances.

The following examples cover when you may need to use the Returns and Refunds Policy:

Order not received:

A refund is issued if the buyer’s order was not shipped, or was shipped but did not arrive at its destination. A buyer can request a refund after 7 days (on the eighth day) if the seller failed to ship the order or did not provide tracking information. The refund request can be accessed via the Problem/Order Inquiry tab in the Order Detail app page.

If the tracking information shows that the order was shipped but failed to reach its destination, Mini Fashion Monsters will issue a refund to the buyer unless shipping was paid for outside the marketplace, in which case the seller must issue the refund. If the tracking information shows that the order successfully arrived at its destination, the buyer should contact the Post Office and file a police report if theft is suspected.

Order not as described:

If the buyer receives an item that is not as described in the listing, or a different item altogether, Mini Fashion Monsters recommends the buyer contact the seller to resolve the problem directly. If an agreement cannot be reached, the buyer can file a report to Mini Fashion Monsters Customer Support. Reports must be filed within 5 days of the order being received. To open a Refund Claim, buyers must provide relevant details and photographs of the item(s). Mini Fashion Monsters will then mediate to determine whether the order is not as described. If we find in the buyer’s favour, the buyer will receive a refund directly from the seller’s account.

The seller may request that the order be returned at their own expense. In such instances, the item must be posted back within 3 days after the buyer receives the returns label. Once these actions have been completed, the Refund Claim will be closed. If the item fits the description but the buyer is not satisfied, Mini Fashion Monsters recommends the buyer contact the seller directly to resolve the issue. The seller can opt to issue a refund, but they are not required to do so.

On the Shop Page, click the ‘Hi!’ icon to contact the seller. The seller will receive a message notification and will be prompted to send a reply.

The arrival time for a shipment is usually 1 week. However, with Covid-19 it could take longer. Check the tracking number for detailed information on your package.

All purchases through the Mini Fashion Monsters children’s marketplace are insured against non-delivery with Mini Fashion Monsters Protection. If you do not receive an order placed through Mini Fashion Monsters, you can take the following steps:

  • Order Not Shipped: If the item you ordered did not ship, you can contact the seller directly to resolve the issue. If you don’t receive a response after 48 hours, you can request a refund via the Request Refund tab in the Problems/Order Inquiry section of the site. This option becomes available eight days after purchase.
  • If the seller has not provided any tracking information, you will receive your refund immediately.
  • If the tracking information is available but does not indicate that the item has shipped, the seller will be contacted before a refund is issued.
  • Lost In Transit: If the tracking information shows that the order was shipped but did not arrive, please email us at support@minifashionmonsters.com and we will issue you with a full refund.
  • Delivered But Not Received: If the tracking information shows that the order has been delivered, but the goods have not been received, the buyer should contact the Post Office. If further investigation confirms delivery of the order, it may have been subject to theft - please contact the police to file a report.

In the item received does not match the description in the listing, Mini Fashion Monsters recommends the buyer contact the seller to resolve the issue between directly. Failure to reach a reasonable solution entitles the buyer to report the problem to Mini Fashion Monsters. To report a problem, email us at support@minifashionmonsters.com within 3 days of receiving the order.

A case is then opened, and the buyer must provide photos as well as the details about the received item. Mini Fashion Monsters will then determine whether the buyer should receive a refund or not. If a refund is granted, we will contact the seller and debit their account after we issue a refund to the buyer. In the case of the seller wanting their product returned, they will be expected to cover the shipping fee.

You will receive an email and will be asked to provide feedback on your purchase. The feedback is reviewed by the Mini Fashion Monsters team, and you can choose whether to give the seller permission to view your feedback.

Any buyer or seller who tries to directly arrange a transaction using an unauthorised payment method is in violation of our Terms of Use. These terms will also be violated if the transaction fees are in any way circumvented, reduced or manipulated by any user of the platform.

Transactions conducted outside Mini Fashion Monsters will not be covered by our Mini Fashion Monsters Protect service, which protects buyers and sellers from fraud. Please report any such instances as soon as possible by contacting Customer Support on support@minifashionmonsters.com